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What is Outvie?

Outvie is a trusted network of small business owners and self-employed individuals supporting one another in growing their businesses. Learn from seasoned entrepreneurial veterans and help mold young business leaders. Gain support, ideas, and valuable insights from people who have been where you are. Discover the strength of a team of leaders who understand why we are better together.

Transcend together

Business ownership can be consuming and isolating. You may feel that no one else understands what you are going through. No matter what struggle you face, there is someone else who has experienced the same…and succeeded! Outvie is not a solicitation, nor is it series of classes or webinars. It is an interactive group where you will become a student, a teacher, a strategic leader, a friend, and a dynamo.

Consider these benefits:

  • Establish new relationships to help solve business problems, save money and find new clients.
  • Convenient “virtual roundtable” video meetings allow you to join the conversation from the safety and comfort of your own environment.
  • Discover the latest business trends. Share and explore what’s working and what’s not in the modern era of business and consumer culture.
  • Gain insights on common trouble areas such as marketing, technology, staffing, strategic planning, organizational management, and work-life balance.
  • Push the boundaries of your small business as you engage with your peers to create a road map to a successful future.