Miranda Waldvogel

Miranda Waldvogel - Office Manager

Miranda lives in Pennsylvania and holds down our physical location in Lancaster. Miranda has a way of bringing the bright side of any situation into the spotlight, making her an exceptional choice to work in our office as the face of Landis & Associates to our in-person clients. She exudes compassion and positivity in a way that is sure to pick you up, even on the dreariest of days. She genuinely and deeply cares about people, which makes her an amazing Office Manager. “As a believer in Jesus, I’m very passionate about justice and doing right by others. In a broken world that’s filled with divisiveness, I’m very passionate about advocating for the rights of others.”

Miranda is an English major with a concentration in film studies. She loves reviewing films, art, books, and television. She also enjoys writing poetry and trying new restaurants. Her favorite thing about working at Landis & Associates is the awesome team she works with. She looks forward to morning huddle every day to spend time connecting with her remote teammates.