Genevieve Colon

Genevieve Colon - Accountant

Genevieve resides in Texas and works remotely for Landis & Associates as an Accountant and Bookkeeper. Though she may be a bookkeeper and tax professional by trade, she is an athlete and an adventurer by spirit. She enjoys playing soccer, painting, concerts, and traveling. She is passionate about embracing the present moment, connecting with others, and embracing life’s journey. She is moved by simple acts of kindness and compassion and believes that life is a collection of experiences, and being fully present allows us to savor the beauty and joy that surrounds us each and every day. “Witnessing the power of empathy and the positive ripple effect it creates reminds me each day of its importance. There’s so much hate in this world, it’s always nice to be reminded of the good.”

Genevieve started at Landis & Associates as a seasonal tax preparer, but as soon as she picked up her first tax return, we knew we couldn’t let genuine talent like her go. She has a mind full of insight and an eye for detail. She loves the feeling of belonging she gets from being part of our Landis & Associates work-family and the team greatly values Genevieve for her persistent calmness, uncanny competence, and strong work-ethic.