Kelly Byrne

Kelly Byrne - Payroll Services Manager

Kelly enjoys “the solve;” she has always loved solving puzzles and riddles and was the one student in class who actually got excited when the teacher asked, “if the train left the station with 5 passengers…”

Her first job out of high school was keeping accounts at a dairy farm. After starting a family, Kelly discovered the world of public accounting where she could experience “the solve” every day; she specialized in payroll and taxes before joining Landis & Associates as our Payroll Specialist.

Kelly believes that the relationships we have with our clients are special. “Rich knows the clients better than most other firms.” These relationships are important to Kelly because she has a servant heart. When she is not tending to the needs of her clients and coworkers, Kelly is tending to the needs of her family.  Her gracious caring spirit and puzzle-solving skills are the perfect combination for every payroll need.