Crystal Miller

Crystal Miller - Chief Operations Officer

Crystal recently added together the numbers 110, 95, 45, and 15 and somehow came up with 504 . . . which explains why we don’t let Crystal do tax or accounting work. Knowing her aptitude for math, she never would have guessed she would one day be helping to run a CPA firm.  But with a background in Human Resources, Data Analysis, and Information Systems, Crystal is everything our fast paced, ever changing, technology-driven firm needs as Chief Operations Officer.

Crystal loves her job because it allows her to dream up new ways to make the office run smoothly and seamlessly.  She provides the right-brained creative talent needed to visualize and direct the internal initiatives at Landis & Associates. In other words, she has the ability to see the forest and the trees. She has always enjoyed creating new things and reinventing the old.  These talents come in handy when assisting clients with vexing issues and keeping her colleagues up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques.