Staffing Analysis

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Time spent understanding people is never wasted

Why do I need staffing analysis?

Some estimates suggest that the cost of making poor hiring decisions can be as much as $240,000 per person. This includes salary and the costs associated with the impact of subpar performance, such as customers and sales lost. Understanding your staff’s natural strengths, weaknesses, motivating factors, communication inclinations, and emotional intelligence helps you make better human resources decisions, communicate more effectively, and become a better leader.

Here's what we mean by staffing analysis

Our system of assessments, reports, one-to-one meetings, management consulting, and team building helps your team interact and communicate more effectively. We take a thoughtful approach to fueling motivation and building bridges of collective understanding. At the conclusion of your analysis, your staff will understand each other’s how (behaviors), why (drivers), skills (competencies), and how they think (acumen).

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Our firm’s success is entirely measured in the successes of the organizations we serve. Our dedicated, certified, professional consultants have 100 years of combined experience serving businesses over countless industries. We fully understand the challenges business owners face and we know what it takes to overcome obstacles. Our focus is on your success.

Staffing Analysis - $400/staff member


  • DISC Assessment
  • 12 Driving Forces Assessment
  • Emotional Quotient Assessment
  • Individual Reports
  • Team Report
  • Group Wheel Report


  • One-to-One debrief with each staff member
  • Management consulting with each manager
  • Team building meeting with all staff
  • Reflections meeting with all departments (follow-up)

Staffing Analysis by Landis & Associates